How Can You Do Email Marketing Without Spamming People?

Marketing with the use of email is one of the most effective ways to push your products towards the right consumers. It’s one of the best means to advertise your product because you are delivering information at a very close range. You are not just leaving links on popular websites; you are sending them the information that they can immediately see as they open their e-mail.

Email marketing is more personal, more profound, and highly intentional, which makes it one of the most effective means in online marketing. However, email marketing can be subject to spamming. Email owners have the option to put an email into the spam section once they find it annoying, disturbing, and evasive. Here are some of the ways to avoid that.

Avoid using attachments and links that are highly suspicious
An email can become more suspicious to email owners once they see attachments that are labeled questionably. Use the right label on attachments so it won’t be suspicious to the eyes of the people. For example, if your attachment contains food recipe, the label outside the link should be food recipe.

When placing links on your email, it should also have an unsuspicious label. The link should read clearly as what you said it would be. Do not shorten the link or use scrambled numbers and letters because it will look like its fraud. Suspicious attachments and links will be blocked if you are not too careful with it.

Be consistent on how frequent you send emails
Successful email marketing is not on how many emails you send. Please don’t bombard your subscribers with tons of email because they might move your emails on the spam section, unsubscribe, and block you from sending emails in the future. It is ideal for sending an email at least once a week or 2 to 3 times a month.

Try to keep the content of your emails very interesting, relevant, and engaging. Make sure you take care of your subscribers by sending valuable contents that are relevant to their interest.

Track your email sending and monitor your subscriber’s response
Tracking your emails and subscriber’s response is very important to ensure that your emails would still go to their inboxes. Don’t forget to place the unsubscribe option, so they will see that you are not posting spam content. You can give them a small survey to check their response to your emails and the way you send it to them.